The Hannah Montana star reveals her quirky habits, her dream 16th birthday wish and the lessons she's learned

By Callie Schweitzer
Updated July 03, 2008 03:15 PM

How would Miley Cyrus describe herself?

“Coolest. Person. Ev-er!” she says and laughs. “Really, I think I’m chill. I am very hyper but I’m very carefree.”

In PEOPLE’s special Miley Cyrus issue, which hits newsstands Friday, the teen star dishes on why she thinks she rocks, what she carries in her purse, her favorite TV show and life on the Hannah Montana set.

The 15-year-old singer-actress also reveals her quirky habits, like her love for eating ketchup right out of the bottle, and her purse must-have: a first-aid kit equipped with Band-Aids, Neosporin and Benadryl – in case she gets a rash.

Cyrus – whose new album, Breakout, hits stores July 22 – proves she’s just an everyday girl when she describes her beauty regimen (a tan and some mascara), her passion for shopping for handbags and her dream sweet 16 birthday present: a new car. (Her b-day is Nov. 23). She also admits to having a tomboy style that even has her mom saying, “It’s not going to hurt you to be a girl for one day.”

In the issue’s Doodle Diary, Cyrus declares herself a Grey’s Anatomy fan who prefers McDreamy to McSteamy, says she loves lounging in Juicy Couture sweats and admits she can be frequently heard using some of her favorite catchphrases like “That’s dope” and “Cool beans.”

After a whirlwind year of touring, shooting Hannah Montana – not to mention the flap over her semi-clothed Vanity Fair photos, Cyrus admits she’s still learning important lessons like “knowing which people I can trust and being more aware of my surroundings,” she says. “It’s like Dorothy – I’m not in Kansas anymore.”