Couple's Sunday Rudely Interrupted by Egg-Stealing Snake (VIDEO)

An interview with Laura Neff, in whose kitchen the incident took place


Mild – and Understandable – Profanity from Woman in Video

Laura Neff and her husband were having “a run of the mill Sunday afternoon,” as she writes on YouTube, until they heard a noise in their kitchen, in the direction of their spice cabinet. There, they found a 4-ft.-long rat snake, descending from said cabinet, attempting to eat one of their eggs.


Neff tells PEOPLE: “Robert had his phone in his pocket. He was just staring in shock for about 20 seconds, then he snapped out of it and grabbed his phone, and we both watched in horrified fascination while the snake checked out a couple of eggs and then started eating one.”

“We knew immediately that it was a non-harmful rat snake, so we weren’t concerned for our safety, and the snake was so completely focused on what it was doing that we just stood there and watched it.”

Apparently, the snake got in through a hole in their laundry room floor (since sealed up).

After its meal, Neff continues, “It came down out of the cabinet and wanted to get behind our fridge, and we did not want that, so Robert ran and got a broom – we each had a broom.”

“It was moving slowly, being gentle … just looking for a dark corner, and luckily Robert had presence of mind to realize there was a window. And so, he opened the window, and it took us about thirty minutes to encourage the snake to go that way.”

“It was so long and big, we had to use both brooms to get it out the window, and at the last second it wrapped itself around my broom I kept my cool until then, that was the only time that I really lost it!”

Neff says the eggs in question were from the couple’s chickens – they’ve since started keeping them in the refrigerator.


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