The Sexiest Stars Alive! See Who Won Your Vote for Hottest Chris, Tom, Michael and More

The People (readers) voted, and the results are in: You've crowned Hollywood's cutest Chris, most magic Mike, hottest Ryan and more. See who took top honors in the battle for Best Of Names, then stay tuned for our Sexiest Man Alive,

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Sexiest Michael


Creed star Michael B. Jordan scored a total knockout over fellow Michaels Fassbender, Strahan and Phelps.

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Sexiest Ryan

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The 2010 Sexiest Man Alive has still got it! Ryan Reynolds bested fellow scruffy-sexy Ryans Gosling, Phillippe and Kwanten.

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Sexiest Matt


Matt Bomer's baby blues beat out fellow Matt(hews) McConaughey, Damon and Smith.

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Sexiest Tom

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Tom Hardy won easily over fellow famous Toms Hiddleston, Selleck and Cruise.

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Sexiest Chris

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The Wonder from Down Under, Chris Hemsworth (a Sexiest Man Alive in 2014), scored a Thor-size victory over other super-cute Chrises, including Pratt, Evans and Messina.

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Sexiest Sam

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Looking killer in a kilt led Sam Heughan to take the title opposite fellow Sam(uels) L. Jackson, Claflin and Smith.

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Sexiest Jason

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Aquaman apparently made a major splash, as Jason Momoa edged out fellow Jasons Statham, DeRulo and Aldean.

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Sexiest Hugh

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He's the Greatest Showman and the hottest Hugh, according to voters who gave Hugh Jackman (the SMA in 2008) the lead over Grant, Skinner and Dancy.

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