Hikers in Slovakia happen across an iced-over lake that's impossibly clear – and proceed to gambol around on it

December 10, 2014 05:10 PM

There’s probably an awkward Frozen joke to be made here, but pop culture aside, take in a bit of real-life nature magic.

What you’re seeing in the above video is Tomas Nunuk walking across a mountain lake in Slovakia’s High Tatras Mountains on Nov. 30. The water is so impossibly clear, however, that it looks like he’s just floating about the rocks on the lake bottom.

There’s literally never been a better opportunity to use the phrase “crystal clear.” (And give thanks that it’s shot in beautiful, hiqh-quality and horizontally-oriented video.)

And while you marvel at the amazing advances in ice clarity made by our Slovakian friends, consider this: At least they didn’t try to dive in.

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