Russia seems fun

By Alex Heigl
Updated January 05, 2016 02:25 PM
Slivki Show/YouTube

Whew, Jan. 5 already?

Crazy, right? You need a breather. Frankly, we all do.

What you (we) need is this video of the enterprising Russians at the YouTube channel SlivkiShow cramming 10,000 sparklers into a bucket and then lighting the whole thing off in a field.

Doesn’t that sound like a nice respite from everything else that’s going on right now?

Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone.

(Also, tangent completely unrelated to the actual action of this video: Russian/English translation is either inherently adorable, or this narrator is hilarious. Take note – via subtitles – of the narrator’s introduction “my sad companion, who walked in circles to keep warm,” or his explanation of using a GoPro at the end of a long stick “to see everything from the height of the flight of the swallow.”)

Anyway, Russia looks like fun. Anybody got some sparklers?