November 01, 2005 07:45 AM

Christian Slater apparently fell off the roof of Paris Hilton’s neighbor’s house during a weekend party at the West Hollywood home of the hotel heiress.

Slater, 36, purportedly made his climb to inspect some folks who complained about the noise. He then landed in the bushes and was “not injured, not hurt, not arrested,” Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Karen Leong tells the New York Post. She denied reports that officers used a Taser gun on the actor. “Not true,” she told the paper.

In September, prosecutors in New York agreed to dismiss groping charges against the actor – provided he stays out of trouble for the next six months.

Slater had been accused of grabbing a woman on a Manhattan street early in the morning of May 31 as the actor allegedly was arguing with his girlfriend. “I’m glad that the prosecution felt the case was worthy of dismissal,” Slater told PEOPLE as he left the courthouse.

So, would the weekend incident constitute Slater’s getting into trouble? His attorney, Eric Franz, insisted to the Post: “I don’t believe that Mr. Slater’s having a good time at Paris Hilton’s party will have any effect on his New York case.”

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