"We wanted to capture the feeling of being alone in the galaxy, yet not feel alone. says lead singer John Cooper of their new clip

By Danielle Anderson
Updated September 08, 2016 01:00 PM
Credit: Joseph Cultice

The band Skillet literally had stars in their eyes when making their latest music video.

“The feel of the video was meant to be very spacious, galaxy, mood driven,” lead singer John Cooper tells PEOPLE of the clip for their song, “Stars,” from their album Unleashed.

“This is the first video we have ever done that has that sort of vibe. It seemed to fit the mood of the song,” says Cooper, 41. “The song is anthemic but also slightly spacey. We wanted to capture the feeling of being alone in the galaxy, yet not feel alone. We tried to capture that with the beauty of the stars, constellations, and light. Light shining in the darkness is always an inspiring narrative.”

For the hard-rocking Christian band, it’s an opportunity to showcase their more sensitive side.

“The song is important to us because it’s the softer side of Skillet and of the record. It’s the most intimate and emotional song on the record. Therefore we needed to convey that in the video,” says Cooper.

“It tells an important story that I hope listeners can hear. It’s the story that no matter what is happening in your life, you are not alone,” he says.

“It tells the story that even though we are an extremely small part of the beauty of creation, that we are not insignificant. The small problems in our lives are very real and important. It tells us that God cares about the details and everyday problems, hopes, and pains in our life. Lastly, it tells us that there are still things – people, loves, beliefs – that are still worth fighting for.”