Skakel Hearing Continues

Following damaging testimony by former classmates against Michael Skakel in a Connecticut courtroom this week, his attorney, Michael Sherman, told Judge Maureen Dennis yesterday that he will call several other classmates to testify about any alleged admissions his client may or may not have made. Skakel, 39, faces a murder trial in the 1975 death of his former neighbor, Martha Moxley. (Skakel’s aunt is Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert.) At the time of the murder, both Skakel and Moxley were 15. A hearing is now being held to determine whether Skakel should be tried as a juvenile or an adult. “I’m confident that once the judge hears the whole story, she will have a different picture,” reporters were told by Sherman, whose defense is expected to begin June 28. Yesterday, Sherman grilled one of Skakel’s former private school classmates who testified for the state. Earlier in the week, a former classmate testified that Skakel had told him, “I’m gonna get away with murder — I’m a Kennedy.”

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