April 16, 2015 01:10 PM

“When you grow up, your heart dies,” is a famous quote from The Breakfast Club, or possibly The Brothers Karamazov.

Today, it accurately describes the feeling we’re getting looking back on this Sizzler commercial from 1991. (More accurately, it’s a promotional video – four-plus minutes is a long time for a commercial, even one this majestic.)

Nothing in our lives – or anyone else’s, anywhere in this world or any other – has ever promised so much as this Sizzler commercial. “Let us lift our voices / We can make the choices,” the Sizzler choir sings from Sizzler Baptist Church in Sizzlertown. “We will make the most of all the best that freedom brings.”

We believed it was possible to make the most of all the best that freedom brings – back then. Now, though? Now we don’t know what to believe. Nothing could have prepared us for the emotional gut-punch of having to watch this video again and confronted with the world that Sizzler led us to believe could be.

That world was a lie. A beautiful, beautiful lie.

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