“Black Hawk Down” actor Tom Sizemore was convicted Friday on one count of physically abusing former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss and on several charges of harassing and annoying her, the Associated Press reports.

Sizemore, 41, was cleared of 10 other counts in the 16-count domestic-abuse case, which carried charges of injuring, threatening and harassing Fleiss, 37, and vandalism. The jury convicted him of six counts and one lesser offense.

“I thank all of my fans who continue to be fans,” Sizemore, who is free on $100,000 bail, said outside the courtroom. “I would like to put this behind me and do what I have always loved doing, making movies.”

The actor faces up to four years in prison, but he and his attorney focused on the acquittals on the majority of charges, including three of the most serious.

“The whole thing is very ugly to me,” Fleiss told AP in a phone interview after the verdicts were handed down. “I loved that man and I was very good to him, and what he did to me was wrong. ”

Fleiss acknowledged that by taking her case to court in the first place, “I was in such a minus position because of my past,” but she expressed her pleasure that Sizemore was held accountable.

“Of course I don’t feel good that someone has to go to jail. But all I did was tell the truth. In fact I left a whole lot out,” she said, adding that her feeling about Sizemore now is “I want to pretend I never met him.”

Deputy City Attorney Robert Cha told AP he will make a sentencing recommendation when the actor returns to court on Oct. 2.

Until then, he said, he will decide how best to handle another case in which Sizemore is accused of seven counts of domestic violence involving another woman he was dating.