January 12, 2016 12:55 PM

It took a few months – Aug. 12, 2015, remember that – for the string of random texts Jonathan Nichols had been receiving on his phone to make sense.

Nichols, 33, was, at that point, a law student at Seattle University who’d switched to a local number in preparation for his job search. Shortly after the switch, he started receiving some odd texts. Videos of strangers making hip-hop beats, for instance, with the imprecation “Check this guy out.” Or phone calls from Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships asking if Mr. Anthony Ray would like to come on down for a test drive.

The sexual messages were another thing entirely: floods of women in various states of undress. Then came Aug. 12, and one message came through with a reference to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s deathless 1992 hit “Baby Got Back.”

Nichols did some Googling, and that’s when everything came together. Mix-a-Lot’s real name? Anthony Ray. His birthday? Aug. 12. His old phone number? Apparently, it now belonged to Nichols.

“That is hilarious,” Mix-a-Lot said when contacted by the Seattle Times. “Poor fella.”

Mix’s advice to Nichols, who picked the number out at the Verizon store because it was easy to remember? “Don’t check any text messages in front of your wife. That would be the first thing. And don’t answer any texts by saying ‘Yes,’ because people take ‘Yes’ differently with me. And usually you end up opening your wallet.”

Nichols, now a public-interest attorney with Moriarty and Associates in Magnolia, Washington, has saved some of the texts:

“Hi Ray (Minista) pls info if u attending freestyle explosion and locale details. Thanks in advance.”

“What up bro this is SupaSam. I’m having a morning show in-studio Christmas party. I need you to come through!”

He’s saved one voicemail from the experience as well. It’s from a New Jersey number, and it says, in its entirety: “This used to be Sir Mix-a-Lot. You get someone called you talking about they be Snoop Dogg, they really are. Lucky you.”

Mix also has one request of Nichols: “Tell him any really sexy pictures – little in the middle, and if she’s got much back – give them the new number. But not the car dealerships.”

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