Her cello, is just so big. I can't believe it's just so round, it's like, out there

Baby’s got back, and now Sir Mix-A-Lot has serious backup in the form of the Seattle Symphony, who on Saturday night helped the rapper reinterpret the 1992 butt anthem.

“What I want to do now is something you really should not do, but since tonight is Orchestral Movements from the Hood Night … ” Mix-A-Lot joked, before inviting female audience members onstage for a lot more shaking than you’d expect from a typical symphony performance.

The, um, seated audience seemed to dig the reinterpretation as well, and all thanks go to Gabriel Prokofiev, composer and grandson of Peter and the Wolf composer Sergei Prokofiev. On his website, Gabriel Prokofiev called Mix-A-Lot “one of the softest-spoken rappers I had ever met – a real gentleman and really passionate about all aspects of music.”

The composer explained that to recreate the decidedly non-symphonic sounds of early-’90s rap, he had the musicians employ such unusual techniques as scratching a credit card against a guiro, cracking bunches of bamboo against the side of drums, and playing drums “laden with chains and cymbals to create distorted drum and clap efforts.”

Truly, the Beckys of the world were given a new reason to be surprised.

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