By Stephen M. Silverman And Simon Perry
Updated December 12, 2003 10:12 AM

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was knighted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace on Friday and took a lighthearted swipe at fellow Stone Keith Richards, who had slammed the reputedly anti-Establishment Jagger for accepting the honor, reports PEOPLE.

“He is like a bawling child who hasn’t got an ice cream,” the newly knighted Sir Mick, 60, said of Richards. “Keith likes to make a bit of a fuss. I think he would probably like to get the same honor himself.”

Asked if he had invited his bandmate to his party to mark the occasion, Jagger answered with a quick “no” before refusing to take any more questions on the subject.

Sir Mick — who was announced as Sir Michael Jagger — was honored for services to music but managed to keep the rock-and-roll appearance by wearing black Adidas trainers with his black suit and leather jacket. And although many recipients traditionally wear top hats, Sir Michael went hatless.

Accompanying him was his father, Joe Jagger, 92, and two of his children, model Elizabeth Jagger, 19, and Karis, 32, the daughter of singer Marsha Hunt.

The mini-entourage watched as the new knight told reporters that all his children would have loved to come to the palace. “But I chose them in order of seniority and availability. The younger ones would have loved to see the all soldiers,” he said.

Sir Mick, said he was “very relaxed” with Prince Charles (who filled in for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, who is in the hospital for knee surgery) because “I’ve met him quite a few times, and we’ve had some nice chats.”

The two men appeared to be laughing as they chatted while Jagger kneeled before Charles as the prince tapped the rockers soldiers with the ceremonial sword.

“It’s very nice to have honors given to you as long as you don’t take it all too seriously,” Jagger said afterwards.

He added that most people will likely call him “Sir Mick,” but “Sir Michael has a nice ring to it.” And as for Richards’s anti-Establishment crack, Sir Michael Jagger opined: “I don’t think the Establishment as we knew it really exists any more.”