Tears don't stop the best in the music business from letting the show go on

By Lydia Price
June 23, 2016 09:30 AM

Sure, Fergie once sang that “big girls don’t cry,” but even the best singers in the world find themselves overwhelmed with emotions from time to time – often quite publicly.

Whether they were touched by their fans’ support, remembering better times or mourning a loved one, these stars cried it out in front of a crowd.

The singer’s tear ducts got to “Work” during a recent ANTI tour stop in Dublin, Ireland.

Rihanna stepped away from the mic overwhelmed with tears as the packed stadium sang along to her Eminem collaboration “Love the Way You Lie.”

After the show, Ri Ri took to Instagram to thank her passionate fanbase, a.k.a the Rihanna Navy: “What a night!!!! Such an emotional show for me! I feel so lucky to have a team like the #Navy man! I’m blessed!! No matter what I’m on you always snatch me out of it! I’m so grateful to have y’all!”

Queen Bey was so moved during the Antwerp, Belgium, leg of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in 2013 that she finished her performance of “Flaws and All” with tears rolling down her cheeks. And yes, she still looked flawless.


The woman herself isn’t even immune to the emotion-evoking power of her music.

Following a 2011 performance of “Someone Like You” at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the 25 star thanked her fans through a rush of tears.

It wasn’t the last time Adele let her emotions go onstage: She also cried in 2015 after her first full show in four years and in 2016 when her 3-year-old son Angelo attended his first concert.

Bieber got all kinds of emotional after making his triumphant return at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

“It was just so overwhelming for me, everything, just the performance – I missed some cues so I was a little disappointed at that – and just everyone, just the support,” Bieber later told Jimmy Fallon about singing “What Do You Mean” and “Where Are U Now” at the ceremony. “Honestly, I just wasn’t expecting them to support me in the way they did Last time I was at an award show I was booed.”

“I’ve worked so hard on this album, I’ve worked so hard at becoming the man I want to become,” he continued. “Stepping into situations, you just can’t help but feel judged, so I was just feeling judged and just wanting to win so badly and wanting to do what I love so badly that I just put everything on the line. What was just so special about the emotional moment at the end; it was just authentic, it was real.”

Mother Monster quite frequently lets it all out in front of the crowd.

The songstress got particularly teary while performing “Hair” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on her 2012 Born This Way Ball tour.

“You have taught me so very much. You make me so happy,” she told the audience. “I’ve never been so happy as in this moment right now. You know how they say dreams come true? This is the face of someone whose dream is true right now.”

“I am a girl, I am allowed to be emotional,” Perry said before introducing her hit “Firework” at the Radio 1 Teen Awards in 2010. “I really want to say thank you for supporting this next song so much because it means the world to me.”

Ariana Grande

Grande cried as she performed “My Everything” in tribute to her late grandfather at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

The star started the song with a recording of her grandfather’s voice, and the moment only got more moving from there.

The always-emotive singer teared up during “All Too Well” at her Jakarta, Indonesia, concert in 2014.

“A lot of the time when people ask me about song writing the most popular question I get is ‘How do you know where to start?’ ” she shared before beginning the song. “Which is a good question. And I guess the simple answer would be I just write about the things that haunt me the most I guess. And it sounds kinda depressing but good things can haunt you the same way as bad things can haunt you Sometimes you wish you could forget the good times even more than the bad times because you just keep replaying the things that you can remember all too well.”