October 28, 2015 02:30 PM

When two Georgia women were diagnosed with cancer, it was a sisterhood of song that helped them through.

Ann Pinyan and Beth Hampshire both sing with the Atlanta Women’s Chorus, but within months of each other, the two realized they had another thing in common: ovarian cancer.

Pinyan was diagnosed in June 2014 and, after a series of grueling treatments that left her bald and weak, she was able to rejoin the nearly 60-member chorus, Fox reports.

The women supported Pinyan and stood by her side, but soon, tragedy struck again. Hampshire was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last winter.

Ann Pinyan (left) and Beth Hampshire

“It was terrifying and sad,” Pinyan told Fox. “I couldn’t believe that there was somebody else that was right beside me that had this horrible disease.

It was Pinyan who suggested that Hampshire get scanned for cancer after she began complaining about being sick.

Pinyan became Hampshire’s mentor, helping her through the same journey she had been on herself. The two even ended up in treatment together.

Hampshire told Fox that the women of the chorus brought her dinner and flowers and checked in with her often by phone and email.

“I couldn’t believe all these women had supported me all summer,” she said. “It was like they had become my family.”

Hampshire has since rejoined the chorus and her cancer is in remission, according to her blog “Beth Beats Cancer.” Pinyan told Fox that her treatment is finished and a recent scan showed no evidence of cancer in her body.

Although the women are in a better place with the illness, the chorus is not done battling the disease just yet.

“This season, the Atlanta Women’s Chorus has launched an outreach initiative to partner with area organizations in support of ovarian cancer research, awareness and patient support,” the group announced on its Facebook page.

The chorus is fundraising for Georgia Tech’s Ovarian Cancer Institute.

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