The singer vows she'll again never put a loved one through the pain of being associated with her

By Stephen M. Silverman
January 13, 2012 01:30 PM
Credit: Mark Doyle/Splash News Online

Love is not for Sinead O’Connor. Neither, she says, are the journalists of her native Ireland.

“Certain sections of our media are pure evil,” the singer, whose lively website has chronicled her marital travails, states in a blog post Friday.

“These people, along with others caused enormous damage deliberately and maliciously to my innocent flower of a husband, purely because he was with me,” O’Connor writes of husband Barry Herridge – whom she wed on Dec. 8 in Las Vegas, then separated from 16 days later.

After having said before that her marriage was kaput, only to retract that news and announce a reconciliation, O’Connor again claims the union has come to a more permanent conclusion.

“It is now over and I hope the media will kindly leave the poor man alone to get on with his life,” she writes.

As for herself, Sinead writes, “I will never again associate myself romantically with anyone, as I could not bear to see these things done again to someone I love.”

But the singer doesn’t seem to be bitter.

“Well guys,” she writes in the post, “I’m gonna be me. And if anyone doesn’t like that they can seek therapy. Because I am wonderful. Exactly as I am.”