O.J. Simpson went on MSNBC Wednesday — for an hour — to complain about the custody decision involving his children Sydney, 13, and Justin, 10. On Tuesday a California appeals court reversed a lower court’s 1996 ruling that granted Simpson custody of the children after he was acquitted of killing their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Simpson called the cable station while watching its “At Issue” program, where the decision was being debated. Simpson expressed anger at Lou and Juditha Brown, his former in-laws, who have been pursing the custody issue. “It’s amazing to me that I’d have to defend how well my kids are doing to a court of law,” he said. “It’s only because of their (the Brown family) animosity.” At the end of the interview (with host Chris Jansing), Simpson said, “I wish America would get over it and leave us alone. If you’d leave us alone, we’d be fine.”

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