The former Idol judge jokes that his invitation must be "lost in the post"

By Rennie Dyball
March 03, 2011 07:50 AM
Kevin Winter/Getty

He’s British. He’s famous. But he didn’t make the cut.

Simon Cowell shared the news this week that he did not, evidently, make the royal wedding guest list.

“Maybe it got lost in the post,” Cowell joked of the coveted invite on a 104.3 MY FM radio show.

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Asked whether he felt slighted by the Queen, the former Idol judge replied, “It feels a little bit like that doesn’t it? What have I done wrong?”

Even if he had scored an invitation, Cowell would have likely had a conflict: Auditions for his new show, X Factor, fall on the same spring weekend as Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding.

“That wasn’t great timing,” he said. “It’s a good excuse, isn’t it?”

Despite the fact that his fellow Brit Elton John has been invited to the April 29 nuptials – as has Kate’s mailman – Cowell isn’t one to hold a grudge when it comes to being left off the list.

As evidence, he says he’s already sent the couple a wedding gift – a teapot.

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