January 27, 2007 06:00 AM

As it turns out, Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller share more than the experiences they had on the set of their new film Interview.

At the Sundance Film Festival premiere of the movie (about a veteran war reporter on assignment to interview a self-centered tabloid star) the duo revealed how they feel about each other, the secrets of swag suites and who’s really involved with Scarlett’s ex!

You’re such an unlikely pair. How much did you know about each other, and each other’s careers, before costarring in Interview?
SIENNA: Never heard of him!
STEVE: I hadn’t seen any of Sienna’s work but after watching Layer Cake I went to the specials on the DVD to see if there were any deleted scenes of her. I just couldn’t get enough of her in the film.
SIENNA: I was very familiar with who he was, and had always really respected him and admired him as an actor. So it was just really exciting. I genuinely had respect for this person.
STEVE: I found out that we were with the same agency, and we made the offer at like 3 in the afternoon, and by 7 o’clock that evening she was on the phone with me and she said yes! I was like, ‘Well, wait a minute, read the script,’ and she said, ‘No, whatever’

Why such a fast decision?
SIENNA: Because I had always just absolutely adored him as an actor, and it sounded cool. I thought he would be someone I would learn from, and it sounded like an interesting project. And that’s all it takes really. I just want to work, and learn from people I respect and admire.

Speaking of people to respect and admire – you’re surrounded by them at Sundance. How’s the festival treating you?
STEVE: I love running into John Cusack on Main Street and telling him how much I loved him in Grace is Gone, which I saw an early version in the editing room because we were in the same editing building. I met Ed Begley Jr. When we were doing our photo shoot (at the Gibson Lounge) he was playing drums, with a band! So it’s fun. But to actually see some films would be even better.
SIENNA: We’ve been doing a lot of interviews and things, and the premiere went really well, but it’s quite overwhelming with all the gifts. I walked into one of those gifting places and said, ‘No, I’m actually fine, I’m alright,’ and then had like seven bags thrown at me, and then got in the car and there were bags in the car! It’s absurd. But I found out that there’s a place here where you can give your gifts to charity, and they’ll auction them off and give to charity. So yes, I’ll be returning those.

Wow, everything?
SIENNA: Well, maybe I’ll keep one thing. There’s one pair of cashmere socks, and one cashmere blanket. And a pair of knickers, because I forgot my knickers. But that was an absolute emergency!

You realize people are talking about how great the swag is and a few rumors
STEVE: I’ll answer that. Whatever it is: No. It’s not true.
SIENNA: According the press, I’ve literally slept with half of Hollywood. But it’s funny because I’ve been in a relationship from the age of 19 to 24, and I’m just 25, so I don’t know where in amongst that time of being engaged and everything I found the time to sleep with all of those people, who actually happen to be friends, you know? And I also think you’re allowed to have male friends. Link me to Steve. We’re having a hot affair!

So Josh Hartnett? Is he just a friend? Are you dating?
STEVE: That’s the one…
SIENNA: He’s a friend. A male friend…
STEVE: But Josh and I (he says, raising an eyebrow)
SIENNA: Buscemi and Hartnett!
STEVE: You should ask Josh about me. Let’s see if he’ll come clean.

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