Sienna Miller Says She Feels 'Relatively Immune to Bitchy Criticism Now'

Sienna Miller says she doesn't feel "interesting enough now to be focused on in the way that I was"

Photo: Odd Anderssen/AFP/Getty

Sticks and stones may break Sienna Miller’s bones, but words aren’t hurting as much anymore.

Morphing from notorious Hollywood party girl to her now private life as a mother, the actress opened up to The Guardian about how her improved sense of self has made her a “more powerful” woman.

“I feel like if anyone wrote anything now, it would not bother me,” Miller, 35, says.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. Back in 2011, Miller was awarded £100,000 in damages from News of the World, after the newspaper admitted to hacking her phone. Later that year, she testified about living in fear of the paparazzi.

“I would often find myself almost daily, I was 21, at midnight running down a dark street on my own with 10 big men chasing me,” she said at the public hearing.

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“The fact that they had cameras in their hands meant that was legal,” she added. “But if you take away the cameras, what have you got? You’ve got a pack of men chasing a woman, and obviously that’s a very intimidating situation to be in.”

Miller’s on-and-off relationship with actor Jude Law also made her a constant target for negative criticism and unwanted attention from the press.

“But nowadays I feel relatively immune to that kind of bitchy criticism,” she says. “I don’t feel like I am interesting enough now to be focused on in the way that I was.”

She adds, “I don’t want to go out to a pub every night and get pissed. I don’t want that drama.”

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