Ryan James Yezak directed the clip, which stars Scott Nelson

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 28, 2014 10:30 AM

Sia’s “Chandelier” quickly entered the zeitgeist when it hit the Interwebs earlier this year, thanks to the video’s eye-catching style and elaborate choreography.

Parody videos quickly followed, but this is the only one that adds Christmas and Ikea to the mix.

Ryan James Yezak uploaded the clip, which features star Scott Nelson bedecked in Sia’s trademark platinum wig and leotard as he repeatedly attempts to perform the dance from “Chandelier” in an Ikea store.

He’s kicked out every time, despite earning applause from some of the shoppers, and at one point he’s even forced to take the act into the parking lot.

Yezak does thank Ikea in the video’s description, so perhaps things weren’t quite all that bad. We must say, happening upon this character would – at the very least – keep the average Ikea shopping trip from devolving into an argument over the proper end table to pair with your MALM bed.

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