Shopping Is in the Jeans

Levi Jeans has announced the winners of its “Levi.Com Semester Online” contest. The three students — Alanna Blanco, 23, of Chico (CA) State University; Scott Raymond, 19, of the U. of Kansas; and Tomiko Jones, 21, U. of Pennsylvania — will attempt to survive completely online for an entire semester. They will buy everything they need, from socks to soap, from Doritos to Ding Dongs, over the computer in the e-commerce experiment. (Levi’s has also armed them with a $500-a-week allowance.) The trio was selected from among 500 contestants by TEEN PEOPLE fashion editor Jorge Ramon. From January through the end of the semester, online visitors can check on what Alanna, Scott and Tomiko are buying by going to

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