Tennessee Bride Defends Decision to Tow Baby Down Aisle on Dress

Shona Carter-Brooks said the infant was "awake and well-secured"

Photo: Courtesy Shona Carter-Brooks

This is one way to ensure your child a spot in your wedding ceremony.

Shona Carter-Brooks, of Ripley, Tennessee, gave birth to her baby girl Aubrey a month before her wedding to Johnathon Brooks.

And apparently she wanted her daughter to be in the wedding ceremony, to the point where she attached the child to the train of her wedding dress and dragged the baby down the aisle.

A picture of the ceremony surfaced, leading many online commenters to call for child protection services to remove the girl. Carter-Brooks told KSDK-TV that the infant was “awake and well-secured” and that she was “covered by Christ,” later elaborating in a Facebook post:

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