Runner Ethan Renoe's shirtless interview has racked up over 2 million views in 24 hours

Things got unseasonably hot in Chicago Sunday night thanks to personal trainer, Ethan Renoe.

WGN TV was conducting a weather report when the focus quickly turned to the bearded, shirtless, sopping wet Renoe, who was out for a run.

After his matter of fact explanation that it’s “too wet to wear a shirt,” Renoe shamelessly took the publicity opportunity to announce that he’s single.

Not surprisingly, WGN TV’s Facebook followers flew into a tizzy, and Renoe’s video has since received over 2 million views.

The stud visited the location news station on Monday morning, wearing a shirt, to react to his newfound fame.

“It’s really been crazy,” the stunned trainer said.

After returning home from his five-mile run, he shared that his interview already had 24,000 views, and he currently has 900 new friend requests.

But the single ladies of the Windy City will have to hold their horses – the hunk is not a Chi-Town native, and he’ll soon be heading home to Colorado.