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May 01, 2009 07:55 AM

While his career may be in high gear, Shia LaBeouf will always have one setback to deal with: his permanently injured hand from his July ’08 car accident.

“I’ll never be back to 100 percent or have full recovery,” the star, 22, of this coming summer’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tells Playboy for its June issue, on sale and online May 15.

“I can’t zipper my zipper or button my shirt without extreme pain. But I chalk it up as my own s—. These things had to happen. This accident is what I needed in my life. I’m not in control. For the first time, I can admit that and know that. I’m a fallible individual, and the hand is like a tattoo that says MISTAKE.”

He adds, “It’s something I ll have to live with for the rest of my life.”

Yet, up until now, seems to have been a charmed life, especially at certain junctures. On going through puberty on the set of 2003’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, when he was 16, “I remember my trailer was set up in such a way that Cameron Diaz’s and Lucy Liu’s trailers were visible through my window, through this little shade I had. I’d put down the blackout shade just enough to have my eye peeping through and get them in my crosses.”

He could barely contain his excitement at the thought of their changing in their trailers, he says.

Megan Fox ‘Very Attractive’

His latest costar, in the Transformers sequel, is Megan Fox, 22, whom LaBeouf calls “a very attractive girl. Very attractive. And she’s a very close friend. But it hasn’t been a romantic thing, because you’re trying to respect the work environment. You don’t push anything. And with sex and romance, things can become so convoluted so fast.”

In addition, he says, “On a big movie like that you’re playing with the devil. You have to weigh the risk-reward factor. Yes, the reward of being with Megan Fox would outweigh the risk, but it also becomes a risk for everyone else.”

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