The Indiana Jones star explains how he got busted in a Chicago drugstore

By Brian Orloff
Updated May 13, 2008 01:00 PM

It was absentmindedness and acne that helped lead Shia LaBeouf into his embarrassing arrest at a Chicago Walgreens last December – though he’s now laughing off the incident.

During a Monday appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, the star of the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull chalks up the unfortunate episode to a long night of drinking, his bad memory, two wardrobe changes and some pimple cream.

“I got pretty wasted in Chicago and wound up celebrating in Walgreens,” LaBeouf, 21, told the TV host. Revealing his need at the time for some pimple cream, the actor told Letterman he headed to the store’s cosmetic aisle, picked up the product and, in his inebriated state, thought the security guard was laughing at him.

“Now I’m starting to feel like, “It’s really not that funny, guy,’ ” he recalled. “Men need that stuff, too.”

Back to Hotel

So, LaBeouf headed back to his hotel, forgetting to pick up his cigarettes. When he realized his oversight, he changed clothes – “My logic was off, to say the least,” he said – and returned to the drug store, where he had a second confrontation with the same security guard.

Forgetting his cigarettes again, LaBeouf left the store, “put on a hoodie,” then returned one last time – when he was taken down by a second security guard and arrested.

“I went to the police station with the pimple cream on my head,” the actor said, laughing about the incident.

LaBeouf was not charged in the incident.