Shia LaBeouf: How I'm Getting Buff for 'Indiana Jones'

"You don't want to be standing next to Harrison Ford and not be jacked," the Disturbia star says

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Shia LaBeouf has gained 15 pounds – and he’s happy about it. The Disturbia actor is beefing up to star in the new Indiana Jones movie alongside Harrison Ford. “The guy is still in premium shape,” LaBeouf tells PEOPLE. “You don’t want to be standing next to Harrison Ford and not be jacked also.”

To get there, the Los Angeles native, 20, is working out seven days a week for three hours a day. “I’ll run for an hour and then I’ll do two hours of weights,” he says. “I have definitely not trained like this for anything in my life. I’m preparing like I’m going into battle.”

He’s also on a “protein-heavy, carb-heavy” diet. “I drink protein shakes nonstop – three or four a day – and I run a lot, so you get rid of the bad carbs and keep the rest so you have the energy to make it through,” he says.

LaBeouf talked to PEOPLE about his recent breakup, making out with costar Sarah Roemer and what it’s like to be an “It” guy.

You must be very disciplined to keep up such an extreme diet and exercise regimen.
It’s not like I’m making the Nutcracker play at my school. This is film history. I don’t just owe it to everybody involved in the franchise – I owe it to everybody who’s ever been a fan of Indiana Jones. I realize how important this is.

Do you feel a lot of pressure when it comes to this role?
Extreme pressure. You don’t want to be the edition that sucks. You want to be in the edition that enhances it, so it’s tough. This is 20 years in the making now. The script has been in development for 15 years. It’s a huge project and you treat it that way.

With Disturbia opening at No. 1, Transformers out this summer and the still-untitled Indiana Jones sequel due next year, you’re everywhere. How do you feel being an ‘It’ guy?
It’s very weird because the ‘It’ guy usually is not the ‘It’ guy next year or even a guy that anyone is taking about. I’m not worried about any of it. I’m enjoying it. It’s just a weird title.

What’s something that you splurge on?
Dodger tickets. Those are pretty pricey. I’ve spent more on my Dodger tickets that I did on my car.

Did you recently break up with your girlfriend? [LaBeouf says his ex is not a celebrity.]
Yeah. We just called it quits a couple months ago.

What happened?
Our timing was off. There’s only so far you can take a relationship before you got to get into things that are too serious or over the top. I’m 20 years old. I was in a relationship with a girl I love for three years. Where do you go after three years? Then you’ve got to start thinking about other things, and I’m too young to think about those things.

Are you ready to get back in the game?

No. I’m busy with my work and making sure my family is alright. There’s really no time for that right now. That will always be there. There will always be opportunities to be in love again. There’s not going to be opportunities like what I’m in career-wise all the time. So that’s got to kind of take the back burner until I can solidify myself in this career.

There certainly seemed to be chemistry between you and your Disturbia costar Sarah Roemer.
We both were really flirty and into each other throughout the whole movie.

So the kissing scenes must have been fun.
[At first] we didn’t even care about the camera. We just wanted to make out at the beginning. And then you start getting into take four, five, six, seven, eight – 12 even, and then it loses its spark.

You’re not a big clubber like a lot of other young Hollywood stars, are you?
I have no compulsion to do it. It seems like a really cheap thrill. It seems stupid. I could have a way better party at my house with a barbecue and football or at a hotel. You don’t have to be in the public with everything. There’s ways to have fun and still not jeopardize your situation. I just stay away from the paparazzi.

It’s not that you’re opposed to partying – just not in public view?
My partying is, like, lame. We sit around and watch movies, man. We’ll have Death Wish parties or we’ll have a whole Charles Bronson night. This is a family house. I’m not some solo dude living on the Sunset Strip and inviting a bunch of club kids to my house and having private little vampire parties at my house.

Do you think this year will be the year of Shia LaBeouf?
I don’t think so. It’s 2007.

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