Shia LaBeouf Delivers Intense Motivational Speech as Part of U.K. Students' Art Project (VIDEO)

Predictably, the Internet is having a field day with the raw footage


Turns out Shia LaBeouf‘s latest project – not counting his braided rattail – is an actual art project.

LaBeouf recorded a series of videos – 36, to be exact – in coordination with students from the U.K.’s Central Saint Martins fine art B.A. degree show. (It’s also part of the actor’s ongoing collaboration with British artist Luke Turner and Finnish artist Nastja Sä de Rönkkö.)

150 art students were invited to “submit a piece of text lasting up to 30 seconds or no more than 100 words … as poetic, abstract or literal as you like,” according to The Guardian. LaBeouf then read the text in front of a green screen so the students could change the background to whatever they felt was appropriate.

In one of the segments, LaBeouf recites the poem “The Laughing Heart,” by Charles Bukowski. In another, he simply repeats “om,” and in the video that’s currently making the most rounds, he yells motivational phrases.

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams,” he shouts. “Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So just do it. Make your dreams come true. Just do it.”

Predictably (and in keeping with the whole idea behind the project), people have already begun subbing in backgrounds behind LaBeouf. Here he is giving a TED Talk

Here he is as a ghostly Jedi

And here he is in Teletubbyland.

If you’re interested, please see 31 minutes of everything he recorded for the project below. Enjoy.

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