Sheryl Sandberg on the Loss of Husband Dave Goldberg: 'This Is a Club That No One Wants to Join'

The Facebook executive lost her husband in an exercise accident on May 1

Photo: Courtesy Facebook

More than a week after losing her beloved husband, Sheryl Sandberg took to Facebook to express her continued grief over becoming part of a “club that no one wants to join.”

Dave Goldberg died of head trauma on May 1 after he slipped and fell on a treadmill while on vacation with his family. He was just 47.

Writing on her Facebook page Monday, Sandberg linked to a Huffington Post story by Laura Wellington about women who became widows at a young age.

“Laura Wellington is right – this is a club that no one wants to join,” Sandberg wrote. “Laura, I am sorry for your loss – and my heart goes out to the many women around the world who have experienced this loss too.

She added: “I learned from your advice and I am sharing it here so others can learn too. My condolences to you – and my gratitude.”

Sandberg, 45, will resume her duties with Facebook this week, working on a modified schedule. She has also temporarily suspended work travel and will only work during the hours her children are in school.

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