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July 29, 2016 11:45 AM

Sheryl Sandberg is proud to tell her children #ImWithHer.

Sandberg, 46, took to Facebook Thursday night to celebrate the historic moment when Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president, making her the first female nominee for a major party.

In a lengthy post, the Facebook COO recalled how her young daughter asked a precocious question about the U.S. presidents: “Mommy, how come they’re all boys?”

“We are close to making my daughter’s question a relic of the past,” Sandberg wrote. “Watching this historic moment with my children, I am thinking about our past and their future.”

But Sandberg, who first endorsed Clinton in April, added that she is not supporting the former secretary of state because she’s a woman: “It is because she is the most qualified candidate – and she is the leader we need.”

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“We need a leader whose policies reflect where we’re going, not where we’ve been,” she continued. “There is still so much to do – on equal pay, on equality in the workplace, on building a society where everyone has the chance to reach his or her potential, regardless of background, gender, race, or sexual orientation.”

Sandberg concluded her post by saying, “Tonight, I am hopeful thinking about what it means for my children to watch Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination for president of the United States and for me to be able to tell them #ImWithHer.”

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