Why Is Sheryl Crow Singing at the Democratic Debate?

Sheryl Crow will sing the national anthem at the Democratic debate on Tuesday

Photo: Michael Kovac/Wireimage

How can Democrats possibly compete with the undeniable entertainment value Donald Trump brought to the first two GOP debates?

Seems they’re doing their best to up the celebrity ante by bringing in Grammy winner Sheryl Crow to peform the national anthem at the first Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday.

If the public is less than thrilled about tuning in to the upcoming event – which CNN has already cut short by an hour – the singer, a noted supporter of the party, is eager to hear from the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

“I think most people know that I’m a Democrat,” Crow tells CNN. “I’m fascinated with the process and I’m going to be excited to actually be there when our candidates debate.”

Though Crow admits that, knowing how the political system works, it’s “hard to know when a political candidate stands up for what he believes in,” she says it’s “still important to be involved in the political system and to feel like your voice will be heard and the only way your voice will be heard is to go to the polls.”

Or in Crow’s case, to the debate. She may not be able to out-Trump Trump but when it comes to singing, she’s certainly got Carly Fiorina beat.

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