Crow talks about facing cancer without Armstrong, and says she thinks about him every day

Sheryl Crow’s breakup with fianc Lance Armstrong was “devastating,” the singer says in a new interview, adding, “I definitely still love him and always will love him.”

Crow tells Vanity Fair in its August issue, “I do think about Lance every day. And I think about his kids every day.” Armstrong is dad to Luke, 6, and twins Isabella and Grace, 4.

Crow, 44, and Armstrong, 34, announced their split in February after two years of dating and an engagement that lasted a little over five months. Just 17 days later, Crow was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer.

After getting the news, she first called her parents, she tells Vanity Fair, and then sent a Blackberry message to Armstrong, who was on a solo road trip from Lake Tahoe to Oregon. “I actually turned around to make the drive to L.A.,” Armstrong, himself a cancer survivor, tells the magazine. “We talked along the way and she said, ‘You know, I just don’t think that’s a great idea.’ ”

“It was difficult,” says Crow. “I know he wanted to be there. I would have loved for him to have swept in and carried me through.” But ultimately, she says, she realized she had to rely on people who could “really just be there for me all the way through this – emotionally, unconditionally”: her family.

These days, Crow is back to work, performing and writing music – and that’s part of her healing process. “I still feel bruised,” she tells the magazine. “I still feel really raw and vulnerable – not just from the breakup but the whole experience. But the nice thing about my job is that there is a catharsis that I get to experience when I play some of this stuff.”