Sheryl Crow Fan Beats Stalking Rap

A New York jury acquits a former Navy diver of charges of stalking the singer

A love-struck fan who ardently pursued singer Sheryl Crow was found not guilty on burglary and stalking charges in a New York courtroom Tuesday, after the jury deliberated for about three hours.

As the verdict was read, an unsmiling Ambrose Kappos, 38, remained stoic, before he noisily kissed his lawyer on both cheeks and said, “That’s a Greek kiss, brother.” He also kissed his father on the cheek, and when his mother started to cry, he consoled her by saying, “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over.”

Had he been convicted, Kappos faced up to seven years in prison. During the trial, his defense lawyer Stanford Hickman pointed out that his client was polite and unthreatening, just in love with Crowe – who had testified that Kappos “creeped me out” for following her (from July 2002 until his Oct. 6, 2003 arrest, according to charges) and contacting members of her family (in Tennessee and Missouri).

Crowe, 42, who has been dating cycling champ Lance Armstrong, was not in court for the verdict. She has yet to comment on the outcome of the case.

Outside the courtroom, the goateed Kappos, a former Navy diver, said, “Let me just say to Ms. Crow I pray that the universe pours down all of its blessings upon her and her loved ones now and always. A simple no thank you would been satisfactory.”

As for his feelings about Crow: “I have nothing against the woman. I’m pretty sure I probably would buy her next album.”

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