Sheryl Crow: Dating Is 'Terrifying'

Crow admits she's seeing someone and says, "I would love to be married"

Sheryl Crow is back in the dating scene – and calls it “terrifying.”

In an interview with CNN’s Larry King, to air Aug. 23, Crow, 44, says she has found someone she likes, admitting, “It is good news, you know.”

The singer, who split with fianc Lance Armstrong in February, is keeping mum about her love life. But a source confirms to PEOPLE that she is seeing an L.A.-based film director.

“They’ve been dating for a few months now,” the source says. “But it’s not serious. They are taking it very slowly.” As for how the couple met, “It was a setup by her friend Courteney Cox,” says the source.

Asked by King if she wants to be married, Crow answered: “Yeah, I would love to be married. I love the idea of it. My parents have been married 51 years and they’re great people and happy and they enjoy each other, so ideally, yes, I would love to be married.”

Crow also said she’d love to have children. Asked whether she’d adopt, she said, “Absolutely. Obviously, scientifically I’m getting older (but) I don’t feel my age. If I were to adopt, I could love a child that came through somebody else’s womb as easily as I could my own.”

On how a potential boyfriend could meet her, Crow said, “Well, I go to the grocery store like everybody else.”

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