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August 06, 2014 02:00 PM

Don’t mess with her kid.

The View‘s Sherri Shepherd is under a lot of pressure right now.

For one thing, according to a recent Twitter tirade, an outing with her 9-year-old son Jeffrey did not offer the fun and games she was looking for.

“At a carnival & Jeffrey asked the guy a question – he told Jeffrey he talks too much – I am beyond pissed – going over there right now,” Shepherd posted to her Twitter account Tuesday.

Shepherd continued, “Went to the guy and told him ‘You don’t ever tell a child he talks too much and he said ‘He does’ I said ‘you’re a nasty, rude & unhappy man.’ ”

Talk about a mother protecting her young. According to Shepherd’s Tweets, the man did eventually apologize to the both of them.

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This incident comes on the heels of mounting personal struggles for Shepherd, who recently announced she’s leaving The View.

Last month, she weathered a custody battle with ex Jeffrey Tarpley, only to face a nasty divorce case with her current husband, Lamar Sally. Things are still up in the air regarding custody of the couple’s surrogate child, who reportedly was born this week.

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Behind The Scenes Of Sherri Shepherd s Nasty Split

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