The View co-host says she wants to have "Michelle Obama arms" by the time she walks down the aisle
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

As any bride-to-be knows, planning a wedding is no easy feat, but The View‘s newly engaged co-host Sherri Shepherd has one detail already decided: Her 6-year-old son, Jeffrey, will walk her down the aisle.

“I want [fiancé Lamar Sally] to know that when my son walks me down the aisle, you’re not only getting me, but you’re getting this little boy,” she tells PEOPLE. “He’s going to give me away because it’s symbolic that he’s giving me away for this man to protect me and protect him.”

At Betty White’s 89th birthday celebration hosted by TV Land and her Hot in Cleveland costars on Tuesday night, Shepherd also said that she’s trying to stay away from too many sweet treats.

“I’m looking at wedding gowns now, and when they ask what my size is, I give them my fantasy size, the size I know I’m going to be in August,” she confessed. “The problem is, they don’t fit! I’m laying on the floor and they’re like, ‘What’s the problem?’ I went, ‘A digit!’ “

To lose those unwanted pounds, Shepherd told PEOPLE that her trainer, Kira Stokes, has been giving her exercises like lunges and weight lifting to do and instructing her to skip sodas and her favorite treat, M&M’s.

“I want Michelle Obama arms,” she said of her dream physique. “And my fantasy [dress] is strapless. I don’t know what is going to hold these boulders up, but that’s my fantasy!”

Another fantasy? A dream reception surrounded by (hungry!) loved ones.

“It’s amazing how much a reception is!” she said with a laugh. “When anybody comes I told them, You better eat all the hors d oeuvres drink up all the liquor and eat all the food because we’re paying for all that stuff. I’m not playing around! Don t be freakin’ ‘I want to be skinny! Eat the steak, eat the roll, everything!

That s what she plans to do anyway: “I’m not holding in my stomach for the reception! she said. “I plan on partying.

Asked if she plans on having a wild bachelortte celebration, she says she’s pushing for some sex appeal at her bridal shower, but it’s really up to host Barbara Walters.

“Barbara is throwing me bridal shower and I asked if we could slip in a stripper and she gave me a look,” says Shepherd. “So I’m not quite sure. I told her to order someone named Chocolate Thunder for the bridal shower.”

With reporting by MUSSARAT BATA