Sherri Shepherd Defends Being a Working Mom

The View co-host says 'mommy has to pay the bills'

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The View‘s discussion of working moms on Monday’s show hit close to home for co-host Sherri Shepherd.

“Why do you have to go to work, why do you have to and you are trying to explain to them mommy is trying to pay the bills,” Shepherd said during a discussion about being a working parent. “Mommy’s trying to take care of you.”

Currently in a custody case over her unborn child with husband Lamar Sally, Shepherd’s ex-husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, also filed emergency court documents in April seeking temporary physical custody of their 9-year-old son, Jeffrey.

Tarpley claims in his petition that Shepherd’s busy work schedule “caused her to neglect Jeffrey and deprive him access to basic educational needs, a nurturing and loving environment, and care that Jeffrey so desperately needs.” Adding that “her career is seven days per week non-stop, leaving the primary responsibility of their son to unskilled nannies.” While the judge found no cause for a temporary emergency order, a hearing was set for July 21.

So far Shepherd has not publicly commented on the matter, but her friend Wendy Williams came to her defense on Monday’s episode of her show.

“I think it’s terrible that these two guys have gotten together and they’re trying to bury Sherri,” said Williams. “[Tarpley] says that her schedule is too busy and that she is neglecting their son Jeffrey and leaving him with unskilled nannies. Well, somebody’s got to work!”

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