In the Wednesday face-off of Sheen vs. Sheen, Charlie Sheen attracted that all important (to advertisers) young-demographic victory in his debut on ABC’s “Spin City,” while his father, Martin Sheen, continued to win the total number of viewers on NBC’s “The West Wing.” The revamped “Spin City,” now featuring Charlie Sheen as the successor to Michael J. Fox, kicked off with a strong start in the 9:30 p.m. slot, drawing 13.6 million viewers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In fact, despite some so-so reviews from TV critics over Sheen’s performance, “Spin City” held on to most of “The Drew Carey Show”‘s 15.5 million viewers (“Carey” precedes “City”). Meanwhile, “The West Wing” lured some 16.8 million viewers and came in a close second in the 18-49 demographic group. As for what was taking place on CBS, Bette Midler’s new sitcom, “Bette,” lost some viewers after its premiere episode of the previous week, yet 12.9 million people still tuned in. Not too shabby.