Sheen Sued over House Calls

Two adult film stars have filed a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen and his bodyguard for an alleged assault at the movie star’s Malibu home. Erin Siemen, an “actress/dancer” who has been “an overnight guest of (Sheen’s) on several occasions” (according to court papers) and whose stage name is Charlisse L’Amour, and Christina Lee Stramaglia, who performs as Teri Star, contend they were roughed up by Curtis Hunt on July 26 after they arrived at the door of Sheen’s home. Sieman alleges that she was summoned to the home by Sheen, but when she and Stramaglia arrived, no one answered the door. She then hopped over the fence and was punched in the face by Hunt, the lawsuit alleges.

  • Stramaglia said she was also assaulted by Hunt after hopping the fence. The women, who claim they have been unable to do any dancing since the alleged beatings, are asking for more than $50,000 in damages. Sheen’s attorney, Zia Modabber, called the lawsuit “completely frivolous.”
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