Sheen In for Fox?

The wheels could keep going ’round for “Spin City” after the departure of its star, Michael J. Fox, at the end of this season. According to TIME Magazine, Fox, who is battling Parkinson’s disease, may be replaced on the hit ABC sitcom by Charlie Sheen. Sheen would step into the Fox role of New York’s deputy mayor, as opposed to his playing a new role on the show, says TIME. (Word to Charlie: If you need tips on playing a politico, ask your dad, Martin Sheen, who plays the President on NBC’s “The West Wing.”) One shift in the show, however, would be the location of the shooting. Currently, “Spin City,” which also stars Barry Bostwick and Heather Locklear, films in New York, to accommodate Manhattan resident Fox. Should Sheen hop onboard, look for the crew to move to Los Angeles. Sheen, meanwhile, recently popped up at the Sundance Film Fest with brother Emilio Estevez to promote their new fratricide drama, “Rated X,” about a pair of real-life brothers in the porno business.

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