Sheen Boosts 'Spin City'

To the surprise of Charlie Sheen and virtually everyone else connected to the 5-year-old ABC sitcom “Spin City,” the show has earned some its highest ratings ever. According to The New York Times, it is drawing larger and younger audiences than the first four seasons that starred original leading man Michael J. Fox, who reluctantly left at the end of last season in order to step up his involvement in funding for Parkinson’s disease research. Fox suffers from the disease. “Michael and Charlie are completely different,” show costar Heather Locklear told The Times, which reports that the show’s audiences, possibly responding this season’s increased sexiness, has increased 13% among teenagers since Fox’s final season and 7% among men 18 to 34. “Is it sexier?” said Locklear. “I think so.” Said Sheen: “I’m just glad people are responding. I can’t comment on what they’re responding to.” Contrary to Fox’s boy-next-door image, Sheen’s reputation was that of a wild party boy. “I was pretty unreliable,” the actor, 35, told The Times, referring to his well-documented drug and alcohol problems. “I probably wouldn’t have hired me had I been ABC.”

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