Shatner's 911 Tape

William Shatner told a 911 operator “my wife’s at the bottom of the pool” in a plea for help after finding her submerged body. Shatner returned to his Studio City, Calif., estate shortly after 10 p.m. on Aug. 9 and found his wife Nerine, 40, in the deep end, authorities said. Police said it was an accidental drowning and autopsy results are due in about a month, pending toxicology tests. On the audiotape released Tuesday, the 68-year-old “Star Trek” actor and former host of the old “Rescue 911” TV series makes a frantic plea:

Shatner: “Oh, my God!”
Dispatcher: “What’s your problem there, sir?”
Shatner: “My wife’s at the bottom of the pool.”
Dispatcher: “OK, did you get her out of the pool yet, sir?”
Shatner: “No, not yet.” Dispatcher: “I want you to take her out of the pool right now.”
Shatner: “She’s at the very deep end (unintelligible).”
Dispatcher: “OK, sir. If you can, grab something and get her out of the pool. Sir? Sir? Right away, get your wife out of the pool.”
Shatner: “OK.”
Dispatcher: “Don’t hang up the phone. (Shatner hangs up.) Hello?”

Shatner then dove in and pulled his wife out of the pool, but he was unable to resuscitate her, police said.

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