February 20, 2002 01:00 PM

Being launched is nothing new for Captain James T. Kirk of “Star Trek” or his alter ego, veteran actor William Shatner, 70. Neither is being re-launched, for that matter. And yet, on Wednesday came word of something new in Shatner’s universe, the re-launching of his Web site, WilliamShatner.com. “Of course he had a site before,” Shatner’s California-based publicist, John Kiehle, told PEOPLE.com when it beamed him for comment. “But it was very standard. It wasn’t spectacular.” Stand by for spectacular. This new, improved Shatner.com not only allows Shatner.person “to reach out to his fans in the online community,” said Kiehle, but, in turn, “gives them unprecedented access to his personal and professional life.” And it’s not only William Shatner who gets the star treatment on the site. His daughter, Lisabeth, 40, also has her own column, under the section “Lisabeth’s Space.” (Get it?) What isn’t there is a banner for Priceline.com, the financially ailing travel site for which Shatner had been a chief spokesman, though, says Kiehle, “he’s still working with Priceline. He’s a very busy man. March 15, he opens in the new movie ‘Showtime’ with Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Rene Russo.” And more good news, straight from the Shatner site: On Thurs., Feb. 21, Shatner will appear on “Larry King Live” to promote his video with fellow “Trek”-er Leonard Nimoy, called “Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime,” about the effect “Star Trek” has had on their lives. Or, in Nimoy’s case, his ears.

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