Courtesy AARP
January 20, 2012 05:15 PM

Sharon Stone was once named PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful woman, but ten years ago, after suffering a brain hemorrhage, she felt the complete opposite.

“The side of my face was falling down,” she tells to AARP The Magazine of the experience that also left her with memory loss and numbness in her left leg. “I thought, ‘I’ll never be pretty again. Who’s going to want to be around me?’ ”

Today, Stone, 53, is back on track. With a handful of films in the works, including the star-studded Linda Lovelace biopic, Lovelace, the actress also basks in the everyday joys of motherhood.

“I always thought I would adopt,” she says of her three sons, Roan, Laird and Quinn. “Even when I was young, I used to look up how to adopt.”

Of Quinn, her youngest child who is in junior kindergarten, she gushes, “I’m loving raising my kid … He tells you everything that’s happening, so I call him Agent Quinn.”

Jokes Stone, “‘Mom! Toots pooped in the yard!’ Thank you, Agent Quinn.”

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