By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated October 01, 2001 01:00 AM

Sharon Stone, 43, has been hospitalized in her hometown of San Francisco after suffering what appears to have been a brain aneurysm, her publicist, Cindi Berger, has confirmed. The actress’ husband, San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein, took Stone to a hospital emergency room on Saturday because she was suffering severe head pain, Berger said. On Monday Stone was still under observation. An angiogram showed that the likely cause was a tiny aneurysm that required no treatment, said Berger, who added that, despite the fact that there was reportedly bleeding on the brain, Stone was resting comfortably. She is expected to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. “I spoke to her and she sounded great,” Berger said. Last summer, Bronstein, 50, was hospitalized for something less serious. On a tour of the Los Angeles Zoo with his wife, the newspaperman entered the cage of a Komodo dragon, and the giant lizard took a big chomp out of Bronstein’s toe. Surgery was required.