March 22, 2006 04:00 PM

Sharon Stone, who turned 48 on March 10, has no problem appearing nude in her new movie, Basic Instinct 2.

“What is such a big deal about nudity?” the actress says in the new issue of PEOPLE. “If the person’s in the bedroom with a sheet covering them, that’s more of a lie than seeing a saggy old butt.”

On a week-long tour across Europe to promote the film, Stone traveled via private jet, along with more than 90 designer outfits coordinated by her sister and stylist Kelly.

On why she’s reprising her psychotic sex kitten role 14 years after 1992’s original Basic Instinct, Stone says, “It would be better to make it before I was 73.”

Adds makeup artist Tricia Sawyer: “She seems to be getting sexier on this tour.”

Still, when asked by a reporter to cross her legs, Stone joked: “Darling, pay your 10 bucks and see for yourself like everyone else.”

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