May 29, 2002 01:00 PM

Get the bleeper button ready. VH1 has announced that its on-air host for the June 3 all-star concert celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee will be none other than Sharon Osbourne, 50, the matriarch from MTV’s runaway success, “The Osbournes,” the Associated Press reports. (VH1 is MTV’s sister network.) Old Man Osbourne, Ozzy, 53, will actually be one of the performers at the event which shall mark Her Majesty’s 50 years on the throne, with festivities to be staged over the weekend on the grounds of London’s Buckingham Palace. Also set to sing and play are Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin and Paul McCartney, has reported. Elton John, who is currently on tour, has already taped a segment that will be shown. VH1 intends to broadcast highlights from the performance on June 9. In other news of TV’s favorite family, the New York Post reports that a New York-based company called T-Shirt Hell has filed a $15 million lawsuit against Ozzy Osbourne. The suit, filed on Tuesday, reportedly concerns a $500 order that the firm says Osbourne’s record label placed for shirts emblazoned with the message, “F— my family, I’m moving in with the Osbournes.” Then, says the paper, Ozzy and Sharon made a deal with another company that’s manufacturing shirts bearing the slogan, “&@# my family! I’m moving in with . . . The Osbourne Family.” Representatives from either side were not quoted.

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