"It was actually Ozzy that got me to the hospital," Osbourne revealed

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated September 15, 2016 01:00 AM
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Earlier this week she revealed she had a mental breakdown, and now Sharon Osbourne is opening up about what happened.

“I had given up. I just couldn’t deal,” she told Access Hollywood‘s Natalie Morales. “At a very low point in my life, I was very frightened about what was going on with me mentally and the thoughts that were going into my head constantly.”

On Monday’s episode of The Talk, Osbourne, 63, addressed her five-week emergency leave of absence from the CBS daytime show, sharing that her family had put her in a facility.

“These thoughts coming into my head and pictures and people’s faces and I couldn’t control my head, but I couldn’t verbalize it,” Osbourne recalled. “I just didn’t have the strength to even say I need help, help me because I just couldn’t talk I was just flat, gone.”

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While her son Jack was the one to find her proper treatment, the X Factor U.K. judge shared that it was husband Ozzy Osbourne who was at her aid.

“It was actually Ozzy that got me to the hospital,” said Sharon, who had gotten ill before news of her husband’s affair became public in May.

These days, the couple are working on their 33-year marriage post-scandal.

“I can’t imagine my life without him, and he can’t imagine his life without me, and everything that goes in between,” she said. “I don’t know what else could happen in our lives that can try and separate us but things happen and we come right back together again.”

As for her mental health, it’s a work in progress as well.

“I think if you are born with [depression] you have it all your life, and it’s an ongoing battle, so it’s an ongoing thing of realizing how blessed you are and what you got to be happy about in the day and I have so much,” Osbourne concluded.