'Shark' 's Jeri Ryan Puts Family First

"My mother [has] always been my role model," the expectant mother says


Jeri Ryan’s a dedicated mom who considers her 13-year-old son, Alex, to be her greatest achievement. In an interview with ModernMom.com, Ryan, 39, who’s due to give birth to her second child, a daughter in March, discussed her offscreen life.

Between being a parent, starring in CBS’s Shark with James Woods, and owning the hip L.A. restaurant Ortolan with her executive chef hubby, Christophe Eme, the ultra-busy Ryan has her priorities in order. The actress says, “You need to know what’s important and family is always the most important thing.”

When asked whom she admires most, her answer is a definite: “My mother. She’s always been my role model. … She taught us values and what’s right from wrong. ”

She hopes to teach her children those same values. The German-born former Miss America contestant acknowledges that “it’s a hard time to raise children. We’ve become so materialistic and have gotten away from the focus on simply being good people. I’m raising good people. My son … is a really great person – very sensitive, very caring, very thoughtful. And that’s just so important. Hopefully my daughter will be the same way.”

And as for that future daughter, Ryan is taking advantage of the writers strike-forced break from filming to “remodel part of our house before the baby comes.” Her main focus, of course, is on having the nursery ready.

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