Shar Jackson: Kevin's 'Like My Best Friend'

Federline's ex says he's doing "fabulous," despite the recent custody battles

Photo: Scott Kirkland/INF

With all that’s going on in Kevin Federline‘s life, his ex Shar Jackson says that the One Tree Hill actor is doing “fabulous” and focusing on what’s important.

“He’s being daddy,” she told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s “Chevy Rocks the Future” green event at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.

“You know, he can’t worry about what’s going on outside his household,” continued Jackson, 31, the mother of two of Federline’s four children. “That’s the only way you can stay sane and stay focused. You just can’t worry about the stuff that’s going on outside your house. You have to just protect everybody inside your home and stay focused on that.”

As for how his boys with Britney Spears, Preston, 2, Jayden, 1, are doing, “They’re good,” she said. “I’ve always said he’s an amazing father … it’s just now people decide they want to listen. He’s an awesome dude. He makes mistakes – people do that. It’s part of life.”

Her relationship with Federline is good these days, she also says. “He’s like my best friend.”

Fit and Glowing

Jackson, who has an album coming out this summer and just wrapped a horror movie (The House that Jack Built), explained that she’s “working … trying to stay busy” and maintains her recent fit and glowing appearance by simply not letting things get to her.

“I just decided to be happy regardless of anything. If I’m having a bad day, whatever, I’ll get over it. Just be happy,” she says.

On Tuesday night, Jackson brought her eldest daughter Cassie to see a live performance of The Jonas Brothers, whom she likes as far as clean, positive entertainers. But, when it comes to role models, there is only one person in her kids’ lives to take on that job.

“We don’t look at any entertainers to be role models in our household. That’s me, just me, I’m the only one.”

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